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About Motor Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance does more than protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident. It also covers damage or injury caused by you or someone else driving your vehicle, costs that can soar above the value of the vehicle itself. Coverage is also granted whilst driving another private vehicle.

There are two major options to choose from when you are seeking motor insurance:


Comprehensive insurance covers you for third party fire and theft plus accidental damage to your own vehicle. The exact cost of your policy is calculated by considering a number of factors such as the driver's profile (including age, driving experience and driving history) and the vehicle's profile (including type, use, engine size and value).

Please note that high performance engines, young or inexperienced drivers, vehicles used to transport goods or passengers and expensive or unusual vehicles may result in a higher premium.


This basic coverage is often the minimum required by law, and only covers you for the cost of claims for injury to another person and damage to another vehicle or third party property. It does not cover loss of or damage to your own vehicle.